Summer Cup Season 1 will be the first ever international ARK: Survival of the Fittest Tournament to be held offline this summer! The tournament will be taking place in Shanghai, during China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, ChinaJoy 2016. Teams which advance to the finals will be flown out on July 29th to the 31st to compete in person for this gigantic offline-event with more than $40,000 up for grabs!

Team Leaders must register their tribes through our Summer Cup Tribe system below, between May the 1st and May the 10th and grab their tribe mates to start competing in the Official 4v4 Tournament Mode!

The 40 highest-scoring registered Tournament Mode players during May and June (80 players in total) will be invited to an online Semi Final Match to  be held on July 1st, 2016. The Top 8 North American and/or European teams from the Semi Final will then advance to the Official Summer Cup Finals, travelling to Shanghai to play at ChinaJoy!

You will be able to track the current crop of highest-rated survivors through our on-going “Survivor League” rankings in real time at

Information regarding the Summer Cup

By registering your team to compete in the Summer Cup Season One Qualifiers, you and your tribe mates agree to the above information and that Studio Wildcard holds the right to make any changes to the terms of participation, the methods of qualification, the rules, the dates, and the prizes for Summer Cup as they deem necessary however they will ensure that all participates are made aware of any changes made.

To register to participate in the tournament, simply follow the steps below and we look forward to seeing you in the arena!

Good luck Survivors!